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Why Advertise in Free State Newspapers:

Focus on Express


When it comes to reaching the local communities in the Free State, advertising in newspapers offers unique advantages for businesses. In this article, we will explore the benefits of advertising in Free State newspapers, with a specific focus on the renowned, Express Newspaper. As a trusted source of information and a long-standing presence in the Free State it provides businesses with an exceptional platform to connect with the local audience.

The Benefits of Advertising in the Free State


·       Wide Reach within the Local Community

Express Newspaper holds a strong presence in the Free State and the surrounding areas. By advertising in Express Newspaper, businesses can tap into a vast readership base that actively seeks out local news, events, and updates. This offers a unique opportunity to connect with the target audience and promote products or services within the local community.


·       Targeted Audience Engagement

Advertising in Free State Newspapers allows businesses to reach a highly targeted audience. The publication focuses on delivering relevant and localized content that resonates with the community. By aligning advertisements with the interests and needs of the local audience, businesses can enhance engagement and increase the chances of converting readers into customers.


·       Establishing Local Brand Presence

Express Newspaper has established a reputation for being a credible source of information in the Lowveld region. By advertising in this respected publication, businesses can leverage its credibility and strengthen their brand presence within the local community. Customers often trust and rely on advertisements found in reputable local newspapers, which can significantly impact brand recognition and customer loyalty.


Frequently Asked Questions about Newspaper Advertising


·       Is newspaper advertising still effective in the digital age?

Despite the rise of digital media, newspaper advertising remains a valuable marketing strategy, especially for local businesses targeting a specific community. Local newspapers, like Express Newspaper, have a loyal readership that actively engages with the printed format, providing businesses with an effective channel to reach their target audience.

·       How can I measure the effectiveness of newspaper advertising?

Measuring the effectiveness of newspaper advertising can be done through various methods. Businesses can track the response rate to their ads, monitor website traffic from newspaper referrals, conduct customer surveys, or implement unique promotional codes or phone numbers to track conversions directly attributable to the newspaper ad.

·       What advantages does newspaper advertising offer over other advertising channels?

Newspaper advertising offers distinct advantages over other channels. It provides a tangible and credible medium that readers trust, creating a positive perception of the advertised business. Additionally, newspaper ads have a longer lifespan compared to fleeting digital ads and can reach specific demographics within the local community more effectively.

·       What does the abbreviation LSM stands for in media?

LSM, or Living Standards Measure, is a demographic classification system used in advertising. It segments the population based on socioeconomic factors, ranging from LSM 1 (lowest) to LSM 10 (highest). Advertisers use LSM data to understand consumer behaviour, purchasing power, and lifestyle preferences. By incorporating LSM into advertising strategies, businesses can target the right audience, tailor their messaging, and allocate resources effectively. LSM helps ensure that marketing efforts align with the socioeconomic characteristics and preferences of the intended consumer base.


Newspapers which are distributed in Free State


Express: Overview

A respected and widely read newspaper providing comprehensive coverage of local news, current affairs, and community events.

Express free newspaper is distributed weekly in the Free State and Northern Cape. Express is a free English community newspaper with footprints within the Free State capital Bloemfontein and adjacent towns – Botshabelo and Thaba Nchu.

With an LSM rating of 6-10+, Express caters to a diverse range of readers. The Express distribution spans across the Free state, ensuring widespread access to the publication and reach numerous like  Bethulie, Bloemfontein, Boshof, Botshabelo, Dealesville, Dewetsdorp, Edenburg, Fauresmith, Gariep Dam, Hertzogville, Jagersfontein, Luckhoff, Mangaung, Reddersburg, Smithfield, Thaba Nchu, Trompsburg, Tweespruit, Wepener, Winburg.  It distributes 30 042 printed copies and has a diverse readership of 69 697.

Express holds urban saturation in key areas and further enhancing its reach within the local communities. By advertising in the Express, businesses can tap into its extensive readership base, engage with the target audience, and establish a strong presence within the Free State

Express Advertising Sizes


Available in full colour, spot colour or black and white

  • Full page: 39cm x 26.5cm (8 column)
  • Half page: 20cm x 26.5cm (8 column)
  • Quarter page: 20cm x 13,1cm (4 column)
  • 10cm x 13.1cm (4 column)
  • 10cm x 6.4cm (2 column)
  • 5cm x 4cm (2 column)


Free State Sun Overview

Free State Sun wanted to tell the story of people in the townships, squatter camps and rural areas. The newspaper is currently providing services to many provincial government departments, municipalities and other institutions in addition to its conventional coverage.  Free State Sun covers a wide range of content, including hard news, community affairs, business and finance, school news, religion, sport, leisure and entertainment, as well as property pages.

Its readership of 12 737 consists of both Caucasian and Ethnic individuals within the Free State community. The newspaper is published in both English and Sesotho, ensuring accessibility to a broader audience. It distributes 5 000 printed copies in communities such as Bloemfontein, Hennenman, Kroonstad, Odendaalsrus, Theunissen, Ventersburg, Virginia, Welkom.

With an LSM rating of 5-9, Free State Sun caters to a diverse range of readers. The newspaper is printed in a tabloid Newsprint format and is available for purchase. Its distribution spans across Free State, ensuring widespread access to the publication.


Eastern Free State Issue: Overview

Eastern Free State Issue newspaper covers hard news, community issues, business, education, sports, government, and leisure. The newspaper targets the Free state population with relevance and knowledge.  Eastern Free State Issue is a community paper distributed in the communities of Bethlehem, QwaQwa, Harrismith, Ficksburg, Fouriesburg, Senekal, Kestell and Paul Roux

This English-language newspaper is widely accessible. Mpumalanga News has a diverse audience with an LSM rating of 6-9. It costs R1.70 in tabloid Newsprint.

Mpumalanga News distributes 22 000 copies every Friday in the Greater Lowveld. Businesses may reach a responsive Ethnic, Lowveld readership by advertising in Mpumalanga News.

Mpumalanga News connects you to the colourful Lowveld. Advertise boldly to attract the ethnic Lowveld population and develop a strong presence in this growing area.


Mangaung Issue: Overview

Mangaung issue community newspaper located in Free state offers the best readership in the greater Free state. It is a widely circulated newspaper in the Free State region that is ABC certified and remains one of the most popular newspapers in the Free State region.  Mangaung issue is amongst the best favourite community current affairs in Free state, South Africa.

Mangaung issue provides Local knowledge which important to allow for a sense of belonging within the Free state community.   Newspaper covers popular cultures, entertainment and people in an interesting and informative manner.

Mangaung Issue is published every Friday and distribute 30 000 printed copies and has readership of 75 049.   Mangaung Issue has a huge reach in the communities of Bloemfontein, Botshabelo and Thaba Nchu. Businesses may reach local people with this vast distribution.

Mangaung Issue attracts a diverse population with an LSM score of 6 to 9. Advertise in the Mangaung Issue with confidence in this reputable publication to connect with locals, promote your products and services, and increase your visibility in the Free State.