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Newspapers 250 Sep 9, 2019
Daily News
Type of Newspaper Print
Copies distributed per edition 45000
Readership per edition 45000
Frequency Daily
Lifestyle Measure 1.9

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About Daily News newspaper

Daily News is a national newspaper reporting national affairs, sports and local stories within the Zimbabwe. The Daily News is geared for a very targeted audience: all community and business owners, stating as one of the best newspapers reaching these specialized readers.

The Daily News has two primary objectives the first is to provide nationwide, news that highlight and profile relevant issues. While the second objective is to empower communities by offering SMME’s business owners an opportunity to market themselves in order to grow, by providing a quality newspaper with competitive advertising rates.

The Daily News prints and distributes more than 45 000 copies nationwide.

The Daily News maintains a readership profile that ranges from LSM 1-9. Advertising in the Daily News means that the newspaper will reach your desired audience on a Daily basis in English. If you would like to advertise in the Daily News the readership statistic: 100% black with male 60% and female 40%.



5 Days prior to publication


3 Days prior to publication


5 Days prior to publication

Advertisers can place all their vacancy ads, services and legal notices in the classifieds section of the Daily News.  Advertising in the Daily News provides Advertisers with an advantage of reaching their relevant audience at the best advertising prices. Contact the Daily News for a rate card for the best rates on advertisements.

Daily News Print Zimbabwe

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