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Newspapers 672 Feb 20, 2017
Khanyisa Weekly Newspaper
Type of Newspaper Tabloid Newspaper
Target Audience Local Community
Copies distributed per edition 10000
Readership per edition 40 000
Frequency Weekly on Fridays
Lifestyle Measure 3 - 7

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Main Distribution Areas

Gert Sibande District Municipality, Local Municipalities, Albert Luthuli Local Municipality, Dipaseleng Local Municipality, Govan Mbeki Local Municipality, Lekwa Local Municipality, Mkhondo Local Municipality, Msukaligwa Local Municipality (Also where district offices are), Pixley ka Seme Local Municipality

About Khanyisa Weekly Newspaper newspaper

KHANYISA is Mpumalanga’s weekly provincial newspaper (Tabloid Newsprint) published by KHANYISA PROVINCIAL MEDIA9 (PTY) LTD. The Newspaper was launched on the 14th of September 2007. This community based (Gert Sibande District – Mpumalanga) Khanyisa has an empowerment measure built into it where 50% of the cover price of R2.00 goes to the street seller.

The Head office is in Ermelo (where the District offices have relocated to) and with satellite office representation in Standerton, Secunda, Balfour, Caroline, Volkrust and Piet Retief responsible for distribution, sales, news gathering, advertising and promotions linked to the head office via internet and phone. Freelance journalists submit stories and pictures from across the province via internet. All advertising is processed from the central office.

The publication has received overwhelming public, private and government acceptance as its aim is to educate, empower, inform and mentor its readers.

Most of the journalists are freelancers and have a soft impact on cash flow as they are only paid for what is in use. Some of the original stories have had international exposure like the HIV positive man who developed breasts.

The project is servicing Gert Sibande District in Mpumalanga, the only District in South Africa that shares a boarder with three provinces (Gauteng, Free State and KwaZulu Natal) and a country (Swaziland). Below is a brief about the District and its 7 Local Municipalities.


  • Gert Sibande District Municipality
  • Local Municipalities
  • Albert Luthuli Local Municipality
  • Dipaseleng Local Municipality
  • Govan Mbeki Local Municipality
  • Lekwa Local Municipality
  • Mkhondo Local Municipality
  • Msukaligwa Local Municipality (Also where district offices are)
  • Pixley ka Seme Local Municipality

The Oosvaal Regional Services Council was established on the 23 November 1987 consisting of two employees only; the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and was initially seated at Bethal. The Regional Services Council's area of jurisdiction covered 34 400 Km² with a population of 187,936  (2001  Census).The district accounts for 26.7% of Mpumalanga’s total population. Population growth is around 1.6% per annum. Because of the size and expansion of the area, a decentralized management system was used and the area was divided into eight sub-regions that are smaller geographical areas centered around relatively larger towns which serve as "Guardian towns".

More than half of the District’s population 52.76% and almost two thirds of the households  (62,04%) live in urbanized areas. Nearly a third of the population (29.67%) lives on farmland.

Retail Price of publication
The publication sells for R2.50

Target Audience
The publication targets urbanized communities within the District which is why we have satellite offices in every capital of each local municipality. Our primary target is the black urbanized population which forms 90% of the district’s population.

Frequency of the publication
The publication comes out once a week, every Friday morning with a print run of 10,000 copies.

Our content Ratio 50% English and 50% local languages.

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