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Advertise in the Umvoti Light newspaper Newspaper

Newspapers 764 Feb 19, 2017
Umvoti Light newspaper
Type of Newspaper Tabloid Newspaper
Target Audience Local Community
Copies distributed per edition 30000
Readership per edition 120 000
Frequency Weekly (Wednesday)
Lifestyle Measure 3 - 8

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About Umvoti Light newspaper newspaper

The Umvoti Light newspaper is one of the most popular newspapers in the Greytown, Kwa Zulu Natal area. The Umvoti Light is published in both English and Zulu. The Umvoti Light is a community newspaper to advertise in the Greytown, Kwa Zulu Natal area.

Umvoti offers readers with a thirst for knowledge on local news, pertaining to community news, events, crime, sport and municipal affairs.Umvoti Light is a free community newspaper that is printed and distributed to businesses, homes and schoolsKwazulu Natal area, the Umvoti Light newspaper is distributed on a monthly basis.

If you would like to advertise in theUmvoti Light, the newspaper is distributed and printed to various areas in Kwazulu Natal, namely:GreytownKeates Drift Cool Air, Dalton, Wartburg, Bruyns Hill New Hanover, Sevenoaks Tugela Ferry MudenRietvlei, Kranskop, Eshane, Ahrens, Lilani.

Umvoti Light prints and distributes 15,000 copies free of charge to its readers In the Kwazulu Natal region, reaches more than 45,000 readers, Umvoti Light newspaper is distributed to various homes and businesses in and around the Umvoti area.

If you would like to advertise in the Umvoti Light, the method of distribution used for the newspaper is a bulk drop of 10,000 and a door to door distribution of 5,000. Umvoti Light has a 4 working day deadline on adverts to ensure that advertisements reach your relevant audience on time.

Umvoti Light maintains a readership profile that ranges from LSM 3 – 8. Readership statistics for Umvoti Light are as follows:
Readership by race: 60% Black, 25% White, 10% Indian, 5% Coloured.

If you would like to advertise in the Umvoti Light the newspaper is printed and distributed in English and Zulu, every last Wednesday of the month.

Advertising in the Umvoti Light will allow you to reach your relevant audience which provides a demographic advantage for advertisers to advertise their product and service at the best rates.

Advertise in The Umvoti Light Newspaper.

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Umvoti Light newspaper Tabloid Newspaper Amanzimtoti Local Community

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