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Newspapers 856 Mar 28, 2017
Diepkloof Urban News
Type of Newspaper Community Newspaper
Target Audience Local Community
Copies distributed per edition 30000
Readership per edition 90000
Frequency Weekly
Lifestyle Measure 5 - 9

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About Diepkloof Urban News newspaper

The Diepkloof Urban News newspaper is one of the most popular newspapers in the Soweto, Gauteng area. The Diepkloof Urban News is published in English. The Diepkloof Urban News is a community newspaper to advertise in the Soweto, Gauteng area.

Advertise in The Diepkloof Urban News Newspaper.

Diepkloof Urban NewsisCaxton Urban Community Newspapers launched its first publication Protea Urban News into the suburbs of Soweto in April 2005. Having received an enormous response from the advertisers and residents – the launch program has been fast tracked and today URBAN NEWS publishes 11 community newspapers into the suburbs of Soweto & Westside. Diepkloof Urban News has local flavor which is reinforced by editorial content specific to the area.

Diepkloof Urban News has two primary objectives the first is to provide the greater Gauteng area, community news that highlight and profile community issues. While the second objective is to empower its community by offering SMME’s business owners an opportunity to market themselves in order to grow, by providing a quality newspaper with competitive advertising rates.

Diepkloof Urban News prints and distributes more than 30 000 copies with a readership of 90 000to its surrounding areas:Diepkloof, Diepkloof Ext, Diepkloof Zone 1

The Diepkloof Urban News maintains a readership profile that maintains an LSM Value of 1 – 10 of 54 %:

 LSM 6: 42%

LSM 7: 21%

 LSM 8: 16%

 LSM 9: 13%

 LSM 10: 3%

Advertising in Diepkloof Urban News means that the newspaper will reach your desired audience on a Weekly basis in English. If you would like to advertise in Diepkloof Urban News the readership statistic:100% Black.

Advertisers can place all their vacancy ads, services and legal notices in the classifieds section of the Diepkloof Urban News, Advertising in the City Buzz provides Advertisers with an advantage of reaching their relevant audience at the best advertising prices. Contact Us for a rate card for the best rates on advertisements.

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Looking to advertise in the Diepkloof Urban News newspaper. 

The Diepkloof Urban News is a free community newspaper located in Gauteng offers the best readership in the greater Gauteng.Diepkloof Urban News readers like to be well-informed and have a thirst for knowledge which empowers them to achieve more and allows for them to also be in the know.

The Diepkloof Urban News provides Local knowledge which important to allow for a sense of belonging within the Gauteng community.

The Diepkloof Urban News prints and distributes 30100 copies weekly to the Diepkloof area, Soweto and reaches an average of 60 000 readers in the Gauteng region, while maintaining an LSM of 4 – 9.

The Diepkloof Urban News newspaper covers several provincial issues, such as: travel, entertainment, education and sport, corporate news, political and economic reporting, workplace including: new appointments, careers and people on the move.

The Diepkloof Urban News also runs vacancies, tenders and real estate advertisements.  If you would like to advertise in The Diepkloof Urban News, our personalized and efficient service is tailored to meet individual and corporate needs.

The Diepkloof Urban News newspaper aims to ensure that all our clients’ image is best presented through the use of quality print at a cost-effective price, contact The Diepkloof Urban News in order to reach your targeted audience for your product and service.


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Diepkloof Urban News Community Newspaper Soweto Local Community

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