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Advertise in the UD News/Nuus Newspaper

Newspapers 717 May 2, 2017
UD News/Nuus
Type of Newspaper Local Newspaper
Target Audience Local Community
Copies distributed per edition 29935
Readership per edition 50000
Frequency Weekly
Lifestyle Measure 5 -9

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Main Distribution Areas

Addo, Despatch, Kirkwood, Uitenhage and the Sunday River Valley

About UD News/Nuus newspaper

The UD News/Nuus newspaper is one of the most popular newspapers in the Addo, Eastern Cape area. The UD News/Nuus is published in both English and Afrikaans. The UD News/Nuus is a community newspaper to advertise in the Addo, Eastern Cape area.

Advertise in The UD News/Nuus Newspaper.


Port Elizabeth Express is a community newspaper circulating in parts of the Eastern Cape. The content of the newspaper is hyperlocal, with the intention to give the people of the Uitenhage community a voice and a platform. The publication features articles on School, sports and municipal matters, and entertainment, as well all other community-focused coverage.   UD News provide community news that highlight and profile community issues and to empower its community by offering business owners an opportunity to market themselves in order to grow, by providing a quality newspaper with competitive advertising rates through classified and main body adverts

UD News also contains information about music, the arts, movies, television, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, health and restaurants.

UD Newsprints and distributes more than 30 000 copies and ensures that their publications reach over 52 970 readers Addo, Despatch, Kirkwood, Sunday's River Valley, Uitenhage.  UD Newshas Media Points Value of 42.29 and a LSM of 8-10.

Advertising in UD Newsmeans that the newspaper will reach your desired audience on a weekly basis in English and Afrikaans. UD News is distributed every Thursday.

UD News is distributed freely to the community

Advertisers can place all their vacancy ads, services and legal notices in the classifieds section of the UD News.  When requesting a quote keep in mind that the UD Newsis 390mm (h) by 265mm (W) with a column width of 30mm.

Advertising in the UD Newsprovides Advertisers with an advantage of reaching their relevant audience at the best advertising prices. Take note that deadlines is as follows:

Booking deadline        :  Mondays 12.00

Material deadline         : Tuesdays 10.00

Contact UD Newsfor a rate card for the best rates on advertisements.

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UD News/Nuus Local Newspaper Addo Local Community

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